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Friday, July 6, 2012

World Heritage Sites; Part Five

The Prussian Versailles
By – Pradeep Kumar Mallik, Patna

In 1990, under the protection of UNESCO, Sanssouci and its extensive gardens placed on the list of World Heritage Sites with the following citation:

“The palace and park of Sanssouci, often described as the ‘Prussian Versailles’, are a synthesis of the artistic movements of the 18th century in the cities and courts of Europe. That ensemble is a unique example of the architectural creations and landscape design against the backdrop of the intellectual background of monarchic ideas of the state”.

Potsdam is a city in northeastern Germany, capital of the state of Brandenburg. Potsdam, mentioned first in the 10th century, acquired some importance when the Great Elector of Brandenburg, Frederick William (1620-88) established his residence there. Potsdam housed a small garrison from 1640 onwards; the site’s military function was strengthened by the young Prussian monarchy. Also the Prussian rulers have been impressed by that city just next door to the metropolis Berlin.
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