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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When Ordinary becomes Extra ordinary

When Ordinary becomes Extra ordinary
                 By - © Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agrawal
Sometimes we may come across supplementary information behind issuance of few Stamps, Postmarks, Overprints or particular Philatelic element which relates them with a particular theme not evident from the item itself at first hand but the supplementary information revels this connection. After reading the explanation in the text, viewer will be surprised that the exhibitor has tracked down this connection which is not in least obvious but by this cross-reference something special is added and the development has acquired an extra dimension. We may call it as “Hidden Treasure of a Philatelic item”.

To be clearer, have some examples of ‘Hidden treasures’.

Supplementary Information:
In a collection on “Europa” the mention of the 9th Symphony and Beethoven, seems inadequate at first sight but the supplementary information that 9th Symphony is looked on as the European anthem, and is played at many European events proves its importance in this theme. Inclusion of ‘George Washington’ in an exhibit on brewing is also a cleaver cross-reference as he had his own brewery.

Inclusion of Lord Krishna and Rabindranath Tagor in a theme on “Family Planning” with text ‘If family planning would have been followed from ancient time, we would never get Krishna or Tagor as they are eighth sons of their parents’ adds something extra ordinary to this theme.
Read complete article in Issue no.58 of “ITS Stamp News”


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is appropriate to include Lord Krishna or Rabinderanath stamps in the theme of "Family Planning", as stated by writer here in this article. May be he will be right at his own thinking...

Indian Thematic Society said...

Thanks for your comments but you have not given your identity. Please provide the same and others are welcome to give their feedback too please - SJ