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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abstracts of "Points to Ponder" in issue no.63 September-2013

In this modern age, so many postal authorities of different countries are issuing unique and first of its kind stamps, like transparent stamps, lenticular stamps, embroidery stamps, stamps on pure wood etc… and postal department of India experimented another unique first of its kind with new release on 3rd May for “100 Years of Indian Cinema”. This large series of fifty stamps issued on 3rd May, in grand function by ministers but stamps are not available for public. Earlier the department often organised philatelic exhibitions at different level just for the sake of their records and updating their departmental files but now we hope to see new stamp releases in the same manner. What is the motive of such release and what the officials want to prove by such actions?

Ludhiana; 28.8.2013.                                           Read complete editorial in the issue....

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