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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Attraction of New issue of the Magazine

How many collectors collect or think of collecting philatelic items on shoes?

I am sure we never thought of this subject so far, atleast I did not come across any such collector who collects materials on this subject. I am thankful to Dr. Avinash B Jagtap, who has prepared such a nice article with maximum possible illustrations on this subject, for this issue. I would like to mention an episode of a famous example of marketing, shared with salesmen related to shoes. A shoe manufacturing company sent two new salesmen on a remote island for study its potential. The first one immediately after his reaching the Island, reported to the company that no one wears shoes here, so there is no possibility of saling our goods. The second one communicated, send ten truckloads of shoes immediately, there is good scope of sale. This instant proves that every collector of thematic stamps needs to look into their collection and trace if any stamp or any other philatelic item could be included in his or her collection – so start right now to prepare a collection on this or other interesting topic.                    ~ Editor

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