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Friday, September 14, 2012

Less common themes for you

How About Umbrella as a Theme?
– © Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap, Switzerland

There are some favourite themes in thematic philately, which are popular with stamp collectors and there are others which are considered to be rather “unfortunate”, because there are very few philatelic items which could be found available to build a sizable collection. It is better some time to think over such uncommon themes, so that one may not repent afterwards to have selected a “rare” or “uncommon” theme.  In such case, collection of appropriate material is a long time journey, provided one has enough patience to wait for taking part in a competition or exhibitions at national or international level. So when I thought of “Umbrella” as a theme, I was pretty sure that I might have a lot of difficulty in finding out appropriate philatelic material in order to compile a satisfactory number of elements leading to a sizable collection.
 Read more in details in issue no.59 of "ITS Stamp News"

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