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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story behind issue on Feudatory States in British India

Indian Princely States: Revisited
By – C D Singh
A set of four stamps of the Indian Feudatory States in British India was released as a precursor to INDIPEX-2011 (International Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi) on 6th October 2010 in denominations of Rupees five each. The First Day Cover and the Miniature Sheet carry the logo of INDIPEX- 2011. Sourath was the first Indian state to issue a postage stamp. A number of features make the present issue of four stamps interesting. This is perhaps for the first time stamps of the Indian States have been reprinted, whereas cancellations had been reprinted earlier. What were the compulsions to reprint stamps of only Indore, Cochin, Sirmoor, and has not been stated in the brochure. How Bamra which was less than 2000 square miles with 280,000 souls was chosen over Hyderabad and Jammu and Kashmir with 82,000 sq. miles area each, is not known. Important States like Jaipur and Gwalior do not find a place in the reprints. Morvi and Kishangarh whose stamps are fine philatelic samples of their times are also omitted.
Read complete article in Issue no.55 of “ITS Stamp News

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